About SDF & SAME

SAME DEUTZ FAHR (SDF) group is one of the largest independent tractor manufacturers in the world and produced over 34,000 machines in 2007. SAME recently celebrated their 80th Anniversary as tractor specialists, yet they remain a family owned company. As such, they are not distracted by shareholder demands  but concentrate on creating advanced, reliable and easy to use tractors.

SAME purchased Deutz Fahr in 1995 and today the group boasts five production facilities, 120 distributors and around 3,000 dealers globally.

All SDF tractors are built on a common platform, with the same interior, chassis, engines, specification and build quality. The only differences between a Deutz Fahr and its equivalent SAME are the styling and colour. For example, the SAME IRON and DIAMOND ranges are built on a Deutz Fahr production line alongside the Agrotron M & X series in Germany: which gives you Italian style with German design and build. The benefits of this approach mean that production costs are kept under control whilst parts, which are universal across SAME, Deutz Fahr, Lamborghini and Hurlimann, are competitively priced due to the volumes produced.

SDF pride themselves on having cabs across the range which promote operator comfort. Unlike many of their rivals SDF are major shareholders in their own engine supply company; Deutz AG who are also used by Fendt in their tractors. For more information on the exciting engine developments please click here.

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